Dream Cruise Experience

I decided to travel up to Michigan for the Woodward Dream Cruise and wanted to share my experience. I hope you enjoy the tale.

Wait, what is the dream cruise?

THE Dream Cruise. THE Dream Cruise. The Dream Cruise is a United States (Detroit Michigan to be exact) is a classic / old car show on wheels. For several days, people from across the USA go to a street called Woodward, which runs from Detroit Michigan to the Suburbs in South East Michigan.

You can see cars from the 40’s to the 80’s with the odd exception of an even older car here and there and the rare ‘custom’ newer car. Basically, if someone has a car worth showing off, this is where they go.

So, How as it?

Well, if you are expecting a quiet Sunday drive, this is not for you. A LOT of loud engines are travelling down Woodward Ave at the Dream Cruise. For any car lover, this is a once in a lifetime experience.

People line the street to watch. All of Woodward is full of radio stations and people in lawn chairs watching the cars go by. I had some of the absolute most incredible automotive conversations at this event. From car questions about how to lift a car which a traditional suspension system is not compatible to the best shops to get a deal on custom automotive work. Anything and everything was discussed by super friendly people.

Most of the cars were from the 50’s to 70’s. The majority of the cars were Detroit Muscle Cars. I saw some beautiful Gran Tarino’s and Pontiac / Shelby GTO’s. I love Detroit Muscle Cars so this was a real treat. Most of the Muscle Cars were restored to stock condition which is unusual about other car shows such as those in California, USA.

What else did I do?

After the insistence of some locals I went to a few places to eat and the Detroit Casino. The Casino was great. Not Vegas, but it was nice. Good gambling all around and friendly people.

The food was amazing. Great Seafood and surprisingly Pizza. Detroit Style Pizza is a thing and it was fantastic. So was Detroits own Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza.

Okay, I was a fat kid this weekend. Detroit also has a lot of breweries serving all types of beer. Atwater beer was fantastic so were the several varieties of Apple Ale from local farms sold right in super markets.

I would recommend going to the dream cruise for any car lover. Detroit was a lot nicer than I expected going into this trip. Safer than Washington SC, as good food as New York. And the cars were the best in t


My Top 3 Most Reliable Cars (Yup, some of these ain’t pretty!)

My Infamous GEO Metro

Nothing says sexy like a GEO Metro. Number one on my list was my little off color tank of a car. Reliable? Unlike all modern automobiles I owned, the GEO Metro had:

  1. Great Fuel Economy
  2. Rarely needed an Oil Change (More on this shortly)
  3. No maintenance

Onto the Oil Change story. This was my first car, a GEO Metro. I drove this cross country twice – without an oil change. Yes, no maintenance what so ever, aside from fuel, in a twenty year old car. By time I realized I needed an oil change, my oil was bone dry and I had some shavings in my engine. I cleaned out the oil pan and filled it back up, and the car lasted me two more years until I totaled it. Not too shabby for a car which cost me under $1,000.

I thought I may have been lucky with my first GEO Metro, so I actually purchased two additional GEO Metros over the years. The peak model in my experience were from the mid 1990’s. Why did this epic automobile not last the test of time?

It was ugly, and small. In the age of ‘bigger is better’ this car did not stand the test of evolving user preferences. But three Metro’s later and I still think this is the single most reliable used car I have ever owned.

Nissan Altima – Number Two

This is one of the few cars I ever purchased brand new from a dealer. I strongly dislike paying MRSP for any vehicle, no matter the situation. Going with a one year old nearly new car always will save thousands. But that was not the case with this Japanese beauty.

A purchased this because I was in a pickle. I needed a Sedan. For every Sedan owner I needed a car which would:

  1. Fit a Family of Four
  2. Have a large trunk for Luggage
  3. Good Fuel Economy
  4. High Safety Ratings

So I traded in my truck for an Altima. Things were okay at first. Good air conditioning, sound system, ect. This was a 2008 Altima straight off the lot. The car would last me years. I eventually had an oil leak and burned a quart every few days. But aside from that, no issues aside from regular maintenance.

In 2014, after a shocking 250,000 miles to the engine with original transmission, cooling system, muffler, etc, the engine died. Not in the traditional sense, but rather was trying to replace the spark plugs myself with the incorrect socket size, and broke it. After taking the car to the dealer, they could not remove the spark plug without an engine rebuild. Things were a bit more complicated than a simple idiot breaking a spark plug, but the general idea is the car lasted 250K Miles until I broke it.

Needless to say, getting that many miles out of a car impressed me. So much I bought  that I bought another brand new Altima off the lot once I killed this car. Til today, zero issues and 75K Miles.

Last But Not Least – Toyota Camry

I am not even going to bother. We all know everyone and there mother will say a Camry or a Honda Accord are super reliable.

My  Camry had some issues. Transmission and ABS issues but no major repairs. As far as reliability goes, it always started, never stalled, and kept ticking until I sold it. It also kept its value well.

Every other car I have owned eventually had major repairs or severe mechanical or electrical issues ranking from stalling to misfiring. Although I prefer a Camaro or a Shelby GTO, the GEO Metro and Nissan Altima always got the job done, which is what I needed in a reliable car.